Best iOS movie apps for watching movies online

Watching movies is one of the very best things which people can do these days as most of the times when we feel boring or whatsoever, the only entertaining source is the movies and stuff like that which keeps us interested. Well, for your ios devices too, you can watch movies free and so, we have brought this guide of best ios movie apps.

You might be watching all your favorite movies on your desktops by now, but if you want to watch all those movies on your ios devices, then you might have to try some other apps too in order for watching all those movies.

Well, if you just don’t know much about these free movie apps for ios, then here we are, providing you with some of the best movie apps for ios.

Free Movie Apps For iOS/iPad


There really is no better app than YouTube if you are willing to watch all your favorite movies without any kind of issues. You can easily watch a movie from a particular genre and well, people talking about the availability of all their favorite movies on YouTube, they can easily watch MOST of those movies and the ones which haven’t been released there yet, might also be available there soon.


Well, there is no denying in the fact that Netflix is one of the most chilling apps out there which you can easily use on any of your devices to watch and download free movies and TV shows from. You can download Netlfix on any of the devices which you have, be it your Android or even your iPhones. You can watch all your favorite movies without any issues here from Netflix.


Crackle is another free movie apps for iPhone which you surely are going to love and download every favorite movie of yours which you love. It works fine on every device and is sure to be working fine on even your iPhones. It is suggested that you download it for sure on your iPhones.

Snag Films

The movie app Snag Films is another free movie app which allows you to download and watch all your favorite movies and TV shows which you want to watch on your Apple devices. You can easily search for any of your favorite movies via the search bar which has been provided in the app itself and along with that, you will even be able to download every movie for free.


Viewster is another free movie app which you can download for free on all your android devices and even your ios devices for free. You will even be allowed to download any of your favorite movies and TV shows from this app right on your iPhones for free. Go ahead and try this app for free without any issues.